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Who Are iNostalgia Digital? (About Us)

Discover Our Shared History

Hello, I'm Andy. At Nostalgia Digital & iNostalgia, our journey stems from a burning desire to share our collective history through the lens of nostalgia. The stories from our past, I believe, resonate deeply with our present and will continue to influence our future. By reconnecting with memories of bygone times, we unearth tales that provide not just solace and familiarity, but a profound sense of community and cultural appreciation.

Nostalgia Images from the 20th CenturyNostalgia Images from the 20th Century
Nostalgia Images from the 20th CenturyNostalgia Images from the 20th Century
Nostalgia Images from the 20th Century

Our Mission

Here at Nostalgia Digital, our mission is simple yet profound: to share articles steeped in nostalgia that highlight the UK's community and cultural milestones. While our heart is anchored in the vibrant tapestry of the 20th century, our stories traverse beyond, touching on community pillars such as churches, historic sites, and other cherished landmarks. We're dedicated to bringing forth narratives that unite us, that remind us of our shared experiences and journey.

Henry Hochland: The Visionary Behind iNostalgia

iNostalgia was the brainchild of a dear friend and an absolute visionary, Henry Hochland. Henry saw the magic of nostalgia, its power to weave communities, generations, and tales together. He dreamt of bridging the past and the present, and with iNostalgia, he turned that dream into reality.

The untimely loss of Henry was a devastating blow to all of us. His legacy, however, shines through every page and article. As Vicky and I took the reins, we pledged to honour Henry's vision and ensure that Inostalgia remains a portal to the past for all those eager to connect with their roots.

Not Just History, But Our Stories

Though we hold the 20th century close to our hearts, our stories are not confined to that era. A quick glance at our homepage will reveal a diverse array of topics, encapsulating the richness of the UK's heritage. From the electric vibe of Manchester & London's streets to the tranquil beauty of the countryside, from luminaries who shaped our world to everyday heroes, iNostalgia is the key to unlocking these tales of our shared history.

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Let's Embark on This Voyage Together

I warmly invite you to join Vicky, me, and the entire iNostalgia team on this captivating voyage through time. Let's journey together, rediscovering stories, reliving cherished memories, and celebrating our interconnected past.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Nostalgia Digital & iNostalgia journey. Your passion and thirst for knowledge inspire us every day, and together, we'll continue unveiling the chronicles that bind our hearts and souls.

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